Founded in 1915, Uganda Scouts Association will celebrate her 100th anniversary of Scouting in 2015. In 2015, thousands of Scouts from all over the world will join us to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Scouting in Uganda.
This will be accompanied with continuous exciting programs, amazing events and incredible projects, showing the world what Scouting is really about; and how together; we can make a difference. It's time to capitalize on all that we have accomplished - learn from our experiences and build on these for the future.


The preparations for the Centenary Celebrations are in three phases and each phase has its own activities:

  1. On the Road to the Scout Centenary (2012 – 2013)
  2. Pre-Centenary Celebration (2014)
  3. The Uganda Scout Centenary (2015)


To reflect on to the century of Scouting in Uganda in terms of impact on to the Ugandan Society, evolution, present status and relevancy of the Scout Program as we meaningfully prepare for the next century.


  1. To observe a tradition of a Centenary celebration.
  2. To make scouting available to all the youth.
  3. To massively mobilize support for Scout activities in the corporate world, government and the general public by making the scout program highly publicized.
  4. To recognize the efforts those adults who continue to devote their time and resources to the cause of youth training through Scouting.
  5. To celebrate the lives of our departed heroes who devoted their time and resources to Scouting in the last one hundred years.
  6. To account to the public the time and resources devoted to Scouting in the last one hundred years.



Are you ready to inspire a generation of young people to experience fun, friendship and real adventure? The opportunities to be part of the scouts’ centenary are flexible. Think of something you would like to do to better centenary preparations and celebrations by letting us know. We would like to hear from you soon. THEME COMPETITION FOR $200;
Uganda Scouts Association (Centenary office) has organized a participatory theme/ slogan competition for all scouts and friends to scouts.

Who can participate?
Scouts and friends to scouts of all age groups qualify to participate in the theme/ Slogan competition.

The scout with the best theme will be awarded $ 200 during the national camp by the centenary committee chairperson.
(Prof. Maggie Kigozi – Chief Scout) and will occasionally be recognized in the scouts’ book of records.

The theme should be a unique and personal innovation in relation to the centenary celebrations of Uganda Scouts Association.
More so, it should be eye catching and the first of its kind.
The theme should be in English and please endeavor to briefly explain why you have chosen that theme. Include your full name and contacts.

Addressed to;
All works should be sent to The Uganda Scouts Association (Centenary office). P.O.BOX 1249 KAMPALA. Or by email: scouts@ugandascouts.org

The Deadline for the theme/ slogan competition is 30th April 2012. Thereafter, a mini committee will select the best ten themes which will further be taken to the main centenary committee for final selection of the best theme. Selection of the best them will strictly be on merit