My tale of Scouting is a tale equal to a series script in the theater industry born in the early 80s and baptized with the names Conrad Natse, joined a primary school in Kenya Kaimosi where scouting was most coveted club in the school their scout uniform was the pride and identity the best reason to stay out of the blue dull school uniform the club was further spiced up with, camps, hiking, trips, interactions, games, teachings and more fun. All the leadership in the School were from the scouting club following the Laws that guided the scouts:


It was the year 1996, when I declared myself to join Scouting and ever since,my love for Scouting has never decreased even an inch . I have enjoyed every minute and time in Scouting traveling to many countries that have Scouting because of being a Scout. The World doors are open and the sky is the limit once someone is a Scout. Reaching out to young children,strengthening the seven strategic priorities of WOSM. Putting a smile on a child's face in Africa and around all corners of the world where Scouting exits.”Creating a better World”.


My name is Pinycwa Mugisha Eddie and I started scouting in 1988 while at Bunganda Road in Primary School in P3. We had this inspiring head prefect Elvis Peters who motivated us a lot in scouting while at school. Scouting made us quite different from other pupils and they admired us a lot as we carried out scouting activities. Being a Scout gave me opportunity to take part in many activities at school and to visit various places out of school and to my own experience; scouting helped me excel in academics.


My name is Iraat Patricia from Ngora District in the Eastern part of Uganda, I have a great passion for education but along the way misfortune befell me and I could not continue with my education, my parents died when I was in Primary 3, my mother died first when there was a major outbreak of Cholera in our district. My father could not take care of us alone since he was working in the North of Uganda so he sent us to stay with my Uncle Mr John Achopu, this did not last long as my dad was abducted and killed by the Rebels since the area was under attack,