Scouting in the whole World is in 161 Countries including belarus that joined on 5 September 2010, this translates to 41 million members the World Organization of the scout movement (WOSM),statistics of 2011, There different events that are organized by these countries every year, and this bring together young, youth and Adults from different regions which includes; Africa region 38 countries, Arab region 18 countries, Asia-Pacific Region 24 countries, Eurasia Region 9 countries, Europe Region 41 countries, Interamerica Region 31 countries. Scouting has a World wide membership base to promote sustainable tourism world over, this can be done through sending ambassadors to attend these international events where each member country is represented with at least 100 participants therefore showcase the pearl of Africa to the rest of the World.There also different scout centers in the World, such as KISC in Switzerland, Suncheon in Korea, Boy scout of America in USA, Gilwell Park in Uk among others where both scouts and non-scouts go to volunteer and meet various guests from around the world, who visits these centers for adventure activities, conferences, weekend retreats, among other purposes. and during their stay, they mingle and interact with volunteers from different countries at the centers to share different cultural backgrounds. Scouts can also promote sustainable tourism, through making souvenirs such as gift cards, bags, T-shirts, Pens, Key Holders, Walking stick, hats, caps, watches among other. what people can see in Uganda in terms of tourism therefore creating a tourism wide base for both scouts and non-scouts coming to visit Uganda. since it will be known by many people in the world including those that have never heard about Uganda before. through creating centers of excellence around the national parks of Uganda operated by scouts, whenever people find scouts they feel at home since they are trusted people in the World. and they will tell their friends and families to visit Uganda. setting up Photo/Video galleries at the scout headquarters, national camping and training grounds and at regional offices. Literature about Uganda tourism in relation to scouting following the 7(WOSM) strategic priorities and cultural diversities that are entirely embraced by all scouts world over.for people to read, putting articles about Uganda and why it's called the pearl of Africa in general and it's tourism on the Uganda scouts association website, facebook, You tube, Blogs,twetter and other social networks related to scouting. through scouts showcasing at cultural functions such as King's visits and coronation days, martyrs day at Namugongo, national days celebrations such as the independence day among others, national scout camp and district camp Zonal camp.Having Tv and radio programmes about scouting and tourism therefore making it known to all and make them love and restore the tourism areas in their areas. through messages on phones since the majority of Ugandan have at least a phone.scouts writing articles in both local and international news papers and magazines. People are very eager to read what scouts write around the globe. Therefore scouts in Uganda and around the World can play a big role in promoting sustainable tourism once the right organ taps their services.a simple example scouts all over the World through their World scout organisation (WOSM), joined hands with the UN to create awareness on climate change and the campaign made a lot of wonders after scouts drastically changed their behaviours on the environmental distractions to protection by 89% from 65% before.