President Museveni hails U-report

President Museveni has hailed U-report for helping improve service delivery, enhance community led development and accountability and transparency by establishing a vibrant two-way flow of communication.  The President in a speech at the Africa Scout Day today 13th March 2013 at Rukungiri commended the Scouts in Uganda for engaging in the Scouts for Social Change program and taking advantage of the Ureport system of dissemination of information.

The President in his speech said "For those who might not know, U-report is a free mobile SMS system open to all young people and citizens of Uganda. This platform gives every Ugandan an opportunity to speak and raise their voices on issues that are affecting their lives and respective communities."  As Scouts we are now more than ever energized to ensure we have a
Ureport voice in every village in Uganda.

Flowers and thumbs up to UNICEF, the Scouts and Partners for the U-report success stories.