Scouting is involving,exciting and empowering! Scouting is a social force that meets the real needs of young people and the community to make world a better place. Scouting is open to all irrespective of gender,religion,culture or race. It encourages diversity and practices tolerance. Scouting is a worldwide commitment to peace and environmental conservation. Scouts learn by doing and apply the skills they acquire to help others. Scouting is fun with a purpose Scouting in Uganda Scouting in Uganda started in 1915 at Mbarara High School under the influence of Rev. Canon Grace. Later Ham Mukasa and Noa Mbaguta the Katikiro of Buganda and Ankole respectively, by then pledged for the expansion of Scouting in Uganda. Scouting later on spread to Mengo SS and Kings College Buddo Baden Powell visited Uganda in 1939 and attended a camp in Buddo. He also laid a foundation stone for Uganda Scout Headquarters at Wandegeya,Buganda Road. Scouting spread widely and many got interested in the movement including Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa, who donated land to Scouts at Kaazi to be the training ground for Scouts. Ssekabaka Edward Mutesa II became a Scout and attended a training course in his palace with some of his subjects. He promoted Scouting and used to put on a Scout uniform at some functions. Up to the present day, head of states and many cultural leaders (kings) government and private leaders bless Scouting.