The Promise Law and Motto

The Cub Scout Sign

The Cub Scout Salute

The Cub Scout Handshake

The Cub Scout Promise, Law and Motto

As a Cub Scout, in order to pass this test, as you need to know and practice the Cub Scout Promise, Law and Motto.

The promise

“I Promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and My Country
To keep the Law of the Cub Scout
And to help somebody everyday”

 In order to understand the promise properly, it is perhaps better if we look at it step by step. Also remember you have to know and practice the promise every day for you to become an excellent Cub Scout.

“I Promise”

When you say “I promise” it means that you will do your best to do whatever you said you would do. Whenever a person makes a promise to do something then that person is expected to do it. You should carry out the promise which you have made because you want other people to believe what you say.

Also when you make your Cub Promise it is for all the time – at home, at school, at play not only when you are in uniform. There is no need for your parents or Simba to check whether you are keeping your promise.

“to do my best”

Whenever you do something, do it to the best of your ability. You are not expected to do everything perfectly but do not fail to do what you are supposed to do. This means that you must try very hard and be sure that what you do is truly your very best.

“to do my duty to God”

To do your duty to God is to love Him and do your best to help other people always. You will remember God in everything you do and with your family worship God regularly.

God will help you to do your duty to him. When you remember Him, it will help you to do the right thing. Remember, too, what God has made-trees, flowers and animals of all kinds. A Cub takes care of God’s creation. Thank God for everything you enjoy, thank Him at your place of worship and whenever you have a moment by yourself. God wants you to help others. Helping others is part of your duty to God.

“and my Country”

To do your duty to your country is to make yourself useful at home, at school and in the community where you live. Cub scouts are reminded to keep healthy, respect elders, respect the Uganda Flag and National Anthem and obey the Law of the country.

“to keep the Cub Scout Law”

In every game there are rules to follow. In Cub Scouting there are two simple rules and if you follow these rules you will become a very good Cub Scout.

“and to help somebody everyday”

By helping others, a Cub Scout will be making himself or herself happy. You should always be on the look-out for an opportunity to do something good to someone else every day. A friendly smile or cheerful word may be small but it is as important as the big things in life.

A Cub Scout does not only think of himself or herself. He/She is always looking for ways he/she can help others, especially those at home. He/she does his/her fair share of work and is cheerful while doing it. He/she accepts no reward because he/she WANTS to make others happy. Be alert for a chance to help others by doing little jobs like carrying a parcel, or picking up rubbish. There are many things you can do to keep this part of your promise.

The Cub Scout Law

There are two important points in the Cub Scout Law;

  1. The Cub Scout is obedient and has respect for others.
  2. The Cub Scout always tries hard and does not give up easily.

A Cub Scout is not supposed to be difficult or stubborn, so whenever you are told to do something by an “Elder” or someone in authority, you should therefore proudly carry out the given order because it is going to benefit somebody or even yourself. By refusing to obey a given order, you make things difficult for others. Just imagine how sad your mother would be if you refused to help her wash the plates when asked to do so. Being obedient is one of the ways of respecting other people.

Also as a Cub Scout you are supposed to put in your very best effort when doing something. You are always to aim at reaching your best. So never give up easily.

The Cub Scout Motto

“Do Your Best”

This is a simple bbut effective statement of the effort that a Cub Scout should apply in all the activities. Cub Scouts always do their best. The Cub Scouts think of others before themselves and do a good turn every day.

The Cub Scout Sign, Salute and Handshake

The Cub Sign

This Sign is made with the right hand, Palm forward as shown in the picture to the right.

The first three fingers pointing upwards refer to the three points of the promise “duty to God and Country”, “duty to others” and “duty to self” while the two folded fingers – the thum over the last finger represent the “help” Scouts give each other that is Cub Scouts should ask for help from adults and the adults should help the Cub Scouts.


The Cub Scout Handshake
(Left Hand shake)

When you shake hands with another Cub, your Simba or any member of the worldwide brotherhood of Scouts, you shake hands with your left hand. It means that Cub Scouts belongs to the worldwide fraternity of Scouting Cub Scouts greet each other with a warm handshake and a cheerful smile.

A brief History

Many years ago, Lord Baden-Powell met an African , a Zulu Chief who had held out his left hand in greeting. The Zulu Chief explained to Lord Baden Powell that warrioes fought with spears and carried shield in their hand for protection. if a warrior met a friend, however, he would not need his shield and his left hand would be free.

So if a man held out his left hand to you it showed that he trusted you and wanted to be friendly. This impressed Lord Baden Powell so much that he chose this special handshake for Cubs and Scouts.

The Cub Scout Salute

The Cub Scout Salute is made with the right hand with the fingers folded as shown in the Picture to the left.

The salute is a special way of greeting a person. It is used when you greet Simba and all the other Cubs and Scouts. You also use it when dressed in the Cub Scout Uniform during the singing od the National Anthem and at the Flag Ceremony. The Cub Scout Salute reminds you of the Cub Scout Law you have promised to keep.