Food for Life

The Food for Life project was a skills building project that aimed at contributing to the poverty alleviation goals by building agricultural skills of individual Scouts. It was funded by 51 Charitable Foundation, form Ireland, and was based on individual skills acquisition, and ensuring that 20,000 Scouts in Uganda, Kenya and Burundi are trained and practice agriculture in 5 years.
In Uganda the project started by working with 1,500 Scouts scaling up by adding another 1,500 scouts each year. Each individual Scout had to have a garden from which s/he was expected to produce food for his/her family. Upon this achievement the Scouts had to earns a badge then produces to the second level where s/he was expected to produce a variety of fruits and vegetables. The third level involves agriculture and entrepreneurship, whereby the scout not only produces fruits and vegetables for his/her family but has to have surplus for marketing.
Although each Scout was required to have and manage his or her own garden, there was also a group garden for each Unit or Troop. This acted as a demonstration garden where the Scouts were trained and given the required skills to manage their own gardens. The proceeds from the group garden were used to further sustain the Unit.
Below is a summary of what has been achieved right from September 2008;

  • A (Training of Trainers) TOT was carried out in Kaazi in September 2008, which attracted over 60 Scout Leaders, who were introduced to the basics of the project
  • The Africa Region Office sent 8,000$ to help run activities for the first year 
  • Computer equipments were also sent to Uganda Scout Association to help in the managing of the project
  • To start the project, ARO sent about 2,000 packs of seeds to be distributed to the scouts, Starter books for each scout, Adult Leader hand book for each of the Scout Leaders.
  •  A total of 1,136 Scouts received their seeds and starter books, worked on their gardens

Click to download report from Soroti District
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