Get Involved


Uganda Scouts Association recognises that  play an essential role in the Movement and  are encouraged to get involved in the different areas of Scouting

Rover Scouts

Throughout Africa this section is called the ROV ERS. The age bracket goes from 18 - 19 to 25 y ears for some Associations and 30 years for ot hers in Africa. Some do not
even have an upper limit ! However there has to be a limit. In the Rover Crew (The usual name or the unit of the Rovers), the progression is mostly done through the
proficiency side of the progressive scheme, in order to eliminate undue classi fication and unfair competition. A Rover is a rover! It is only for those who have just joined Scouting that there is a necessity of them to go through a short period of orient ation, Here young people develop their own programmes without limiting themselves to the scheme proposals.
This is why the acquisition of proficiency Badges has a particular meaning in this section. The motto of Rovers is Service! All over the A frica Region. So most of t he activities have an important service dimension! Rovers acquire knowledge and skills in order to build themselves through service orient ed activities. This will enhance their understanding of their society and help in their own integration.

Venture Scouts

This section is often referred to as Venture Scouts or Senior Scouts. It is meant for young people of 14-15 to 17 - 18 years old depending on the country. It is an
intermediary section between the second and the fourth sections, to allow a real progression of young people. In this section they need to exercise responsibilities and
to affirm their personalities. The section programme must therefore provide assuranc es to young people. The progression is characterized by development of t he
three acquisition areas.

Junior Scouts

This section is often called JUNIOR SCOUT SECTION' concerns young boys or girls of 10 - 11 to 14 - 15 i old depending on the country. Here activities are ' through an
educational dynamism and vitality. Life in small groups (patrol system) gives an occasion to the young person to face many challenges, which contribute to his/her
progression through the three acquisition areas.

Cub Scouts

This section is often called CUBS section. It cons boys and girls of five to six years to ten to eleven old depending on the country. It constitutes the step of helping t he young person learn about prim of scouting. In this section Cubs can under interesting activities discover a lot of things using the scout method