How Cub Scouting Works

Scouting is a year-round program uniquely designed to meet the needs of the full family. The program offers fun and challenging activities that promote character development and physical fitness. Family involvement is an essential part of the program, and parents are encouraged to play an active role in making the most of the short time they have to impact the lives of their children.

Cub Scouts have the time of their lives making new friends and learning new things in an environment designed to help them succeed. From building sleeping tents  to learning fire and food  at a family camp out, your child will LOVE being a Cub Scout. So if your child is in the kindergarten through primary Sections or 10 and half to 11 years old and ready to join junior scouting, then it’s time to have some fun with the Cub Scouts!

Your Child is a Member of a Pride…

The following words or terms will be used quiet often;


A pride refers to the unit of organisation of Cub Scouting in a place. Its adult leader is refered to as “Simba”.


Six refers to a sub unit or smaller group of the Pride. As the name implies each Six consists of Six (6) Cub Scouts and its leader who is an older Cub Scout is called a “Sixer”. The Assistant also an older Cub Scout is called an “Assistant Sixer”.

Grand Roar

The grand Roar is a ceremony which is normally performed at the opening and closing of a Pride meeting. Learn More

 Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony is the ceremony at which a recruit is awarded the Membership badge and officially becomes a member of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement. There are other types of investiture ceremonies which you will experience in your Scouting life.


A recruit is anyone who is working to become an Cub Scout.


Tenderpad refers to an investiture Cub Scout who has gain the Tenderpad Badge. you remain a Tenderpad Cub Scouy until you obtain the First Star Badge.


In Cub Scouting, there are fwe commands but the most common is that of getting attention. An immediate response to a command is good discipline which forms a very important aspect of Cub Scout training.

These Commands are;


When called once, it means SILENCE. The Cub Scouts remain quied and still facing Simba waiting for the next command.

“Pri Pri P-r-i-de”

At this call, all the Cub Scouts answer by yelling “S-I-I-I-M-M-B-A” and at once they run towards Simba joining hands forming a circle around Simba.


On this command, the Cub Scouts stand with feet together, hands by their sides and heads thrown up looking at Simba. They must be silent and still.

Now you are ready to start Scouting adevnture and earn several badges that make you a Super Cool Scout.


There are signs which are used to represent Cub scouting.

Lion Cub Head

The head of the Lion Cub is the symbol (sign) of the Cub Scouts of Uganda. It is gained atfer passing the Tenderpad test and is worn on the cap just above the left eye. The Lion cub head is also the badge which is found in the center of the Pride flag.

Also the Picture of the Lion is the badge which is gained at the last stage of Cub Scouting. This should be the aim of every Cub Scout to become a Lion CUB SCOUT.

First Star Badge

The First Star Badge is worn on the shoulder straps (epaulettes), one on each epaulette. It is awarded after passing the First Star Test.

 Second Star Badge

This Badge is awarded on passing the Second Star Test.

The Muvule Badge

The Muvule Badge is worn on the left sleeve of the Cub Scout shirt. The Muvule (a high quality tree) was chosen to remind Cub Scouts of Uganda’s natural resources which are very important for the development of our country.

The Lion Badge

The Lion badge is worn above the right breast pocket. It is obtained when the Cub Scout has completed the Tenderpad, First Star, Second Star, Muvule and Lion Scout work

Membership Badge

In order for you to be awarded the membership badge these are the things you will need to know and do before you can become a Cub