Digital solar powered computers

Scouts in partnership with UNICEF-developed computer kiosk aims to provide information access to isolated communities in Uganda. Uganda Scouts Association has received from UNICEF. Uganda as part of the Scouts for Social Change programme, a uniport with 3 solar powered computer units. The uniport, now the Digital Information Kiosk (DIK) targets to provide information, communication and technology services to Scouts (young and old) and the general public either free of charge

This is the first uniport to be completed with many to be installed at Scouts Centres and youth centres allover Uganda thereby providing the children, young people, women and men access to vital health and educational information. The Scouts and the general public will be taught Web 2.0 tools enabling them to join social networks, start blogs and wikis, create simple websites to tell their stories, record and post videos as projects. Scouting is based on building lasting friendships and educating young people to play a constructive role in their communities. Uganda Scouts Association believes the Digital Information Kiosk, will play a key role in enabling it achieve its motion.

The Digital Divide will soon be a thing of history. We welcome everyone to join the Knowledge Revolution and use the Digital Information Kiosk free of charge.We invite everyone to come and have a feel of using the facility and to inform you that we are running basic computer training prior to the use of the computer so as to increase the computer literacy in our community. We also ask unit leaders, if they can, to find time and bring their Scouts to learn from the facility. It will be our pleasure to see more and more Scouts using the Digital Information Kiosk as we build our interaction and communication through technology and internet.