Scouting for Solutions


PATH was working with the Kenya and Uganda Scouts Association in implementing the “Scouting for Solution” (SfS) project. The project was funded by the President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through USAID. Through this project,PATH,KSA and USA will directly reached an estimated 325,000 boys and girls aged 12-15 years with intensive and repeated messages and activities. The project was working with younger adolescents to improve their knowledge and give then life skills,so they can be better prepared to handle the transition in to adulthood including communication and decision making skills. Informed and skilled adolescents are better able to avoid risky situations that arise. The project wasl also to address gender issues because gender discrimination,roles and sexual relations affect women and girls vulnerability to HIV. The project was also to facilitate positive behavior formation and behavior change by building on the Scouts' value system.

SfS focused on young Scouts because this provides greater opportunities for reaching young adolescents both in and out of school who often face a time of heightened sexual vulnerability and crucial decision making,particularly about sexual experiences. This vulnerability puts young people,especially girls,at risk of unintended pregnancies, HIV and other sexually transmitted infectious (STI). Prevention education therefore may be most successful when it starts before sexual debut. The project endeavored to strengthen adolescents' life skills so that youth are better prepared to handle the transition to adulthood including communication and decision making

The SfS project utilized a variety of strategies including a quarterly newsletter,activity packs,modular training of Scout leaders and other activities that encourage Scouts to learn more about HIV prevention through an action-oriented and learning-by-doing approach. This SfS project also enhanced girls participation and protection by involving parents and domesticating and implementing the sexual harassment policy in Scouting.