My tale of Scouting is a tale equal to a series script in the theater industry born in the early 80s and baptized with the names Conrad Natse, joined a primary school in Kenya Kaimosi where scouting was most coveted club in the school their scout uniform was the pride and identity the best reason to stay out of the blue dull school uniform the club was further spiced up with, camps, hiking, trips, interactions, games, teachings and more fun. All the leadership in the School were from the scouting club following the Laws that guided the scouts:

  • A Scout is trustworthy
  • A Scout is loyal
  • A Scout is helpful
  • A Scout is friendly
  • A Scout is respectful and kind
  • A Scout conserves nature
  • A Scout is cheerful and courageous
  • A Scout is obedient
  • A Scout is thrifty
  • A Scout is clean in thought word and deed

I joined scouting in p3 and since then i've been able to stand out of the crowd following the teachings of good morals, public interaction, confidence, leadership, and good will to others, been entrusted with several leadership position from class prefect, house captain, games captain, education prefect, boarding prefect. In Makerere University Student Guild representative, a minister of ICT , Finance minister in MUPSA. In Red Cross; peer educator, programs coordinator. In YMCA; Swimming Captain and recently in Uganda Scouts Association Technology for Development Specialist. Thanks to scouting for the knowledge instilled is all round making you an exceptional person with visions beyond the ordinary and a heart of an Angel. I intend to use my skills influence power and will to make the world a better place because “it starts with you”