My name is Pinycwa Mugisha Eddie and I started scouting in 1988 while at Bunganda Road in Primary School in P3. We had this inspiring head prefect Elvis Peters who motivated us a lot in scouting while at school. Scouting made us quite different from other pupils and they admired us a lot as we carried out scouting activities. Being a Scout gave me opportunity to take part in many activities at school and to visit various places out of school and to my own experience; scouting helped me excel in academics.

I later enrolled at Namiriango for secondary school where I continued with the Scouting in the Scouts group called acoy that came up during special functions in the school like the sports day and the like.Presently I am an IT specialist and continuing my studies at the Collage of computing and informatics in Makerere University. I am not getting to another level of supporting Scouting at the Headquarters as a specialist. On the other hand I want to help in extension scouting and make the movement know among my colleagues at the University.

I also want to tell everyone that scouting has helped me to endure a lot of challenges in life and has given me the hope and courage I need to face the world. Most of the skills that helped me to endure I trace them to Scouting and that is why I am back to support Scouting at the Headquarters. I also owe lot of gratitude to Scouting for helping me to learn how to persevere and to build courage and confidence in my social life.

I call upon other adult Scouts out there to visit the Headquarters share their story and to support the Uganda Scouts Association wherever possible