My name is Iraat Patricia from Ngora District in the Eastern part of Uganda, I have a great passion for education but along the way misfortune befell me and I could not continue with my education, my parents died when I was in Primary 3, my mother died first when there was a major outbreak of Cholera in our district. My father could not take care of us alone since he was working in the North of Uganda so he sent us to stay with my Uncle Mr John Achopu, this did not last long as my dad was abducted and killed by the Rebels since the area was under attack,

This was the beginning of problems, being the first born of 3 I had to find all possible means of supporting my siblings at a tender age of 12yrs , the little wealth my parents left with us mostly land was grabbed and sold by my relatives in the name of supporting us but nothing came out of it, so the remaining option was to work in relatives and peoples firms to raise food and basic needs for my siblings. I had been admitted in Senior one when my dad died and so because of my Scouting
responsibility and exemplary education performance the school (Father John Kiggens memorial College) allowed me to study the whole year for free as I looked for an alternative, I tried working half day all sorts of jobs from digging peoples firm to being maids over night, but could not raise enough for school and sustainability of myself and my siblings worst of all the people I worked with knowing my desperate situation used and molested me in ways I cannot explain.

The best option as I thought then out of being so desperate was to get married, I conceived a baby boy at the age of 13yrs from a guy who promised me heaven and eventually denied his son and send me to hell making my situation even worse,

I did not loose hope as every job I applied they asked for my academic papers, I kept trying to look for a sponsor to whom I would pay back every single shilling when am stable or even work for while I studying, but every time I approached people who could help , all they wanted was to use me in crazy ways. I am a lady of my own principles and I know with God’s help I know God will touch the right person to support me, and since I know there are many girls in my area that have fallen trap in the same situation when I succeed I will make it my priority to give back to them the dignity, self esteem, love and the promise of a better life.

I want to reach the highest level of education because I am determined and very hard working, I have been training other kids on Scouting in my village for some few coins but I cannot save enough to educate me. My humble request goes out to all the people out there who have a good heart to support me in my education, am not asking for much, only academic support for if I complete my studies I will be able to stand on my 2 feet and support my family together with other girls in the same or worse situation.

Finishing my 0-Level education for 3 years will take 4,500,000 (Uganda Shillings) = $1900 @500,000ugx per term
Finishing my A-Level education for 2 years will take 6,000,000 (Uganda Shillings) = $2,500 @ 1,000,000UGX per term
Finishing my University education for 3 years will take 15,000,000 (Uganda Shillings) = $6,250 @2,500,000 UGX per Semester

God Bless you all
Patricia Iraat

Contact person at Uganda Scouts Association

Cleopatra John

Conrad Natse