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History of Kaazi National Scouts Camping and Training Ground.

Kaazi National Scouts Camping and Training ground was donated to the Scouts by Ssekabaka Daudi Chwa the than Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom in August 1935. No wonder the Scouts always have their National Camp in August at Kaazi National Scouts Camping and Training Ground.


Meaning of “Kaazi”: -

Scouting was new to the king but he had seen and loved it while on a visit to the king of England in the year 1913. The Kabaka (Daudi Chwa) had an island called Bulingugwe on Lake Victoria locally known as lake Nalubale, Bulingugwe island was not far from Kaazi and  Busabala landing site.

the Kabaka on his visit to Busabala landing site sailed off to Bulingugwe site, the site (Bulingugwe) had a small rock on it and that rock was called “akaazi” in the local language which is translated as “a small rock” in English language,the small rock(akaazi) was used as a feature for giving direction by the locals and all sailors while returning from the lake.therefore the campsite was named after the small rock locally known as “akaazi” hence having the name Kaazi.

Initially the Kabaka had donated Nabugabo land along Lake Victoria in Masaka to Scouts for camping.

However a tragedy happened where some Scouts who had  gone  camping at Nabugabo drowned in the lake, this news was so terrifying and made the Kabaka who was coming from Bulingugwe island so sad. The terrifying news got the Kabaka at Kaazi while coming from Bulingugwe island where he had gone to see the natives on  the island,on receiving the news the kabaka joined the mourners for the boy Scouts, He further sent a team of people to find out what had happened.

On their return they reported that none of the boy Scouts had drowned. With such a rumour,the kabaka allow boy Scouts to go to Nabugabo  because it was very far from him to get information about the boy Scouts who loved so much. He then donated another piece of  land at Kaazi to the Scouts which became the National Camping and Training Center for Scouts in Uganda, the piece of land measures 120.10 acres.

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